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Verivest offers investors the best tool to search, rate and track real estate investments. Now you can invest with confidence.

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Verivest provides the information you need to help make better investment decisions.

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Background Checks

We check managers for bankruptcies, criminal records and other regulatory sanctions. The baseline for doing business with managers.

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Track Record Verification

We verify managers’ deal history to ensure accuracy of their performance claims. Know if a manager is truly legit.

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Sponsor Reviews

Learn what other investors are saying about managers. Third-party peer reviews to help you get a manager’s “full picture”.

Two levels of transparency

We verify sponsor claims and track records so everyone knows what’s really happening.

Verivest Verified includes background checks, looking for red flags like bankruptcies, lawsuits, or regulatory sanctions. Sponsors also sign a code of conduct to be transparent. It’s the baseline for doing business.

Verivest Gold is the next step after Verivest Verified. It’s the review and verification of a material portion of sponsor’s reported historical investment performance. To keep their Gold status, Sponsors commit to an annual review of deal performance. This is the new ‘gold standard’ investors demand.

Please see our

to learn exactly what Verivest does to verify a sponsor’s track record.

Verivest Investment Summit

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