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Welcome to the new standard in real estate investing — Verivest.

Accredited investors in middle market real estate have long been dogged by a fundamental question:

Who can I trust?

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Lack of transparency around sponsor track record, experience — even criminal history — creates uncertainty and wastes time.

Verivest is a real estate investment platform designed to bring transparency and trust to middle market investing. Sponsors are verified through institutional-grade due diligence and portfolio monitoring, allowing investors to more confidently assess the right deals for their investment goals.


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Verivest provides accredited investors with tools to:

Find verified sponsors based on your investment preferences

Save sponsors you want to follow, remove those you don’t

Connect with sponsors directly

Track specific investment opportunities

Receive notifications when quarterly monitoring results are in


Look for the Verivest badge, a mark of trust in uncertain times.

Start assessing sponsors and opportunities with confidence, knowing that Verivest’s professionals have done the initial leg work and will continue to monitor sponsors who are “Verivest Verified”.


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