Why Verification?

Middle-market real estate has never been more accessible and attractive to accredited investors. While all private investments involve risk, the potential for standout returns make the U.S. middle market a very attractive option for many investors. Unfortunately, it’s also burdened by a fundamental, critical question: Who to trust?

Unlike the heavily-regulated public markets, the private market’s lack of transparency around sponsor track record invites bad actors, misinformation, and puts the burden on investors to make sense of a complex landscape. You’re limited to exploring deals on a handful of real estate crowdfunding sites. To assess sponsors, you’re forced to lean on friends, social proof, conducting your own ad hoc due diligence, or simply going with your gut. The stakes are too high to play the game this way.


The Age of Transparency is here.

Fortunately, the game is changing. Corporate transparency has been a growing trend across our economy for several years. But in these uncertain times — especially in private markets — transparency is not simply good business; it is the price of entry. The new normal. Investors deserve it. Verivest was founded to deliver it.

Verification: A shortcut to trust.

Verivest is a real estate investment platform built upon a mission to bring transparency to the middle market. We provide accredited investors access to deals and sponsors around the country, in a wide array of strategies and property types. The difference? Verivest puts sponsors through a careful due diligence process and ongoing portfolio monitoring to gain entry to the platform. Principals also agree quarterly to adhere to a Code of Conduct. As longtime investment managers and fund administrators, Verivest’s team combines unparalleled expertise and third-party objectivity. The result is a private investment ecosystem that makes the time-consuming trust-building dance much easier for both sponsors and investors. It’s a win-win that lets both sides focus on the real pursuit: the deal.

Transparent Real Estate Investing Through Verivest.


Freedom to invest your way.

Verivest believes that a vibrant marketplace is one that allows investors to find deals matched to their criteria, not the other way around. Our platform and tools provide you access to greater deal flow and potential wealth-building opportunities. And our initial due diligence review of sponsors allows you to more efficiently execute. With the Verivest-verified badge as a part of your portfolio strategy, you’ll sleep better at night, armed with every investor’s secret weapon: confidence.

Why Verification

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