TF Management Group LLC is a private investment fund management company that specializes in both short-term debt financing for real estate “fix and flip” projects, and long-term “value-add” equity deals with strong sponsors, good cash-flow and forced appreciation with proper debt leverage to maximize risk-adjusted-returns.


investor capital managed


Principal Experience

20 Years

Real Estate Experience

20 Years

Investment Programs Offered

Close-Ended Fund, Open-Ended Fund, Joint Venture, Syndication

Property Types

Single Family, Office, Industrial, Mixed Use, Retail, Self Storage, Land, Special Purpose, Diversified



Strategies Employed

CRE Acquisition, SFR Rentals, SFR Fix and Flip, Distressed Debt, Capital Allocation, Private Lending

Risk Profile

Opportunistic, Value Add, Core Plus

Track record


Mike Zlotnik


 · 2009 - Present

Mike Zlotnik has been a debt and equity investor in real estate for since 2000.  He started his career and had spent nearly 15 years in the information technology field managing Risk, Business Intelli...read more
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Yuriy Gordiyenko

Project Manager and Principal

 · 2015 - Present

Yuriy Gordiyenko joined the team in May 2015. He has spent over 15 years in the information technology industry, holding various technical and managerial positions. He holds the position of Project Ma...read more
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Yuriy Novodvorskiy

COO and Principal

 · 2010 - Present

Yuriy Novodvorskiy joined the TF Management Group LLC team in January 2010. As COO, he oversees all day-to-day operations, as well as portfolio management and risk mitigation. With a background in mat...read more
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