We Lend is a hard money lender focused on servicing real estate investors by providing quick and low-cost capital on their investment properties. We Lend’s approach to lending is centered around the investor, therefore allowing the investor to focus more on their investment and less on the loan process. We Lend was founded by a group of real estate investors, whose emphasis was on acquiring and im...read more

Property Types

Single Family

Strategies Employed

Private Lending


Ruben Izgelov

Co-Founder, Partner & Managing Director

 · 2018 - Present

With over a decade in the real estate industry – acquiring, flipping, developing and financing over $350 million worth in real estate – Ruben has quickly become a renowned real estate expert, speaker,...read more
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Nison Izgelov

Co-Founder & Managing Director

 · 2018 - Present

Nison has been working in the real estate sphere for 15 years, and started his career in Florida. Before the tidal wave of the 2008 financial crisis, Izgelov worked full-time as an agent, sharpening t...read more
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