Founded in 2013, Watermark Equity Group has leveraged industry leading ingenuity and knowledge of market tendencies to create truly unique, niche real estate assets.  Dynamic products for dynamic times, Watermark Equity Partners have reaped the benefits of passive wealth growth through consistent execution of strategic real estate acquisition, design, and development. Our unique involvement from ...read more

Principal Experience

7 Years

Real Estate Experience

17 Years

Investment Programs Offered

Syndication, Joint Venture, SPV

Property Types

Single Family


South, Midwest, West

Strategies Employed

Ground-up Development, SFR Build-to-Rent

Risk Profile



Freddy Ellis

Managing Partner

 · 2013 - Present

Freddy cofounded Watermark Equity Group to create and build residential communities that offer a living experience superseding anything currently in the marketplace. His investment philosophy is roote...read more
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Eric Theisen

Managing Partner

 · 2013 - Present

Eric founded Watermark in 2013. As Managing Partner, Eric co-chairs the Watermark Advisory Board and oversees the overall strategy in the acquisition, development, and asset-management teams at Waterm...read more
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