Established in 2013, Rand Partners LLC is a privately held, vertically integrated apartment investment and management company focused on B and C multifamily communities throughout the southeast United States. Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, the company offers a full service operating platform containing expertise in acquisitions, financing, property operations, renovations, accounting, risk manage...read more

Investment Programs Offered


Property Types

Multifamily, Manufactured Housing Communities



Strategies Employed

CRE Acquisition

Risk Profile

Value Add, Core Plus


Gino Barbaro

Principal - Business Development

 · 2012 - Present

Gino Barbaro owned and operated a restaurant for over twenty years before transitioning full-time into MultiFamily real estate. He’s been investing in real estate for over 15 years and grown his multi...read more
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Jake Stenziano

Principal - Operations

 · 2012 - Present

Jake Stenziano, MBA spent 10 years performing various roles in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry before actively pursuing multifamily investments in 2010. Since then he has  acquired nearly 1200...read more
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Mike Gelchie

Principal - CFO

 · 2017 - Present

Michael is currently the COO of Louis Dreyfus Company and Principal in Rand Partners. Michael has 26 years of commodity trading experience, successfully holding past senior management positions for 18...read more
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