Nimbus Capital was founded by Millennials for Millennials who want to flip the script and reverse the trend to create long term financial security. At Nimbus Capital, we are more than a mere wealth management firm - we are a wealth creation firm. Driven by our core values of unwavering integrity and transparency through excellence we provide our investors with diversified commercial multifamily re...read more

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David Webb


 · 2020 - Present

Raised in poverty outside of Saint Louis, MO, David has risen from humble beginnings and conquered nearly every one of life's challenges presented to him. Aside from being an Active Duty Air Force Sta...read more
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Bobby Schiavone

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

 · 2020 - Present

Bobby is a Managing Partner and the Director of Acquisitions for Nimbus Capital where he focuses on multifamily acquisitions, underwriting, and strategic partnership development. A Kentucky native, Bo...read more
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Kevin Brenner

CEO & Founder

 · 2020 - Present

A University of Miami graduate with a Bachelors in Atmospheric Science and top Pentagon Air Force meteorologist, Kevin is not your typical Wall Street fund manager. Rather than pursue an expensive fin...read more
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