EverTrust Capital is actively pursuing institutional-quality real property with commercial investment focus directed at single-tenant and multi-tenant offices, industrial/industrial flex, and multi-family properties with an aim to structure a programmatic or “platform” joint venture (JV), exclusively with sponsors and capital partners. EverTrust Capital’s current mandate has a focus on major mark...read more

Real Estate Experience

2 Years

Investment Programs Offered

Joint Venture, Syndication, Opportunity Zone Fund, GP Co-invest Fund, Close-Ended Fund, Open-Ended Fund

Property Types

Office, Multifamily, Medical Office, Health Care, Diversified, Industrial



Strategies Employed

CRE Acquisition

Risk Profile

Core Plus, Core


Aubrey Ennis

Managing Partner

 · 2019 - Present

Aubrey Ennis is actively working with institutional clients, forecasting, and facilitating, their investment goals and desires. Through EverTrust Realty Advisors, Aubrey has flourished in data analyti...read more
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Jackson Russell

Managing Partner

 · 2019 - Present

Jackson Russell works seamlessly alongside his team and clients, implementing a truly original value stream process. EverTrust Realty Advisors has allowed Jackson to advance his vetting skills through...read more
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