Cetan Funds is a private money lender for developers, builders, and investors. We are based in Eugene, Oregon and offer services throughout the state. Our team has over 40 years of local lending experience as well as over 20 years in local real estate development, giving us a unique perspective on the needs of professional borrowers in the county and state. We operate with a culture of integrity, ...read more

investor capital managed


Principal Experience

30 Years

Real Estate Experience

42 Years

Investment Programs Offered

Open-Ended Fund

Property Types




Strategies Employed

Private Lending, Note Buying, SFR Rentals

Risk Profile

Core Plus


Mary Merriman

CEO and Principal

 · 2017 - Present

Mary is a native Oregonian, with 35 years of commercial and consumer lending experience, 20 of which she spent working in executive leadership roles. A visionary and strategic leader, Mary most recent...read more
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David Yett

Principal - Investor Relations, Marketing

 · 2017 - Present

David brings over 25 years of media and technology experience to Cetan Funds. He has held a variety of senior product and business development roles for fast-moving technology companies like Netscape,...read more
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Steven Yett


 · 2017 - Present

Over the last 30 years, Steven has developed and managed several commercial properties in Lane County and currently manages over 400,000 sq ft of retail, office, warehouse and residential space valued...read more
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