Operation: Red Dot

Founded in 2016


Sponsored by: Operation: Red Dot

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We are responsible for the strategic acquisition of Class-A Single Family Homes located around major military bases in the USA on behalf of our investors. The fund is SEC registered under 506c, and is set as an Evergreen fund. The fund is vertically integrated with a Veteran Owned Real Estate Company called Operation Red Dot, as well as Red Dot Property Management. We have over 4 years and $75,000...read more

Principal Experience

5 Years

Real Estate Experience

10 Years

Property Types

Single Family



Strategies Employed

SFR Rentals

Risk Profile


Primary Markets

Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA


James Marszalek

Founder and CIO

 · 2016 - Present

I logged 12 months and over 14 combat missions in Iraq during my service with the US Army, held a secret clearance with the US Government for over 12 years, and have a Business Management degree. My t...read more
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