Nothing to Hide? Prove It

Investors don’t want to hear ‘trust me’. They want proof. Verification is an independent, third-party review of material portions of your history and track record to prove you’re legit. Investors want to know you have nothing to hide.

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Verivest Verified

What Does ‘Verified’ Mean?

‘Verified’ means we’ve reviewed all manager principals looking for any red flags. Managers with the ‘Verified’ badge have:

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No personal or business bankruptcy petitions for controlling principals of the manager in the past seven years.


No unfavorably resolved lawsuits involving allegations of fraud or similar misconduct made by investors.

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Passed a background check with no felony criminal convictions in the past seven years.


Signed the Verivest Code of Conduct, committing to following the law and being fair, honest, and accurate in all dealings.


No regulatory sanctions in the past seven years.

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for additional detail.

Verivest Gold

The New Gold Standard for Real Estate Investing

Designating a manager as ‘Verified Gold’ means we have verified a material sample of the manager's reported track record of investment performance. Managers with a ‘Gold’ badge have also passed background checks, agreed to our code of conduct, committed to provide the following information, and more:

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10 Year Deal History: List of all closed deals for the last 10 years for the current operating entity (or 100% of all deals done by the entity if the entity is less than 10 years old.)

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Former Entities: List of all entities used by any manager principal in the last 10 years or an explanation of what happened.

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Former Entities Deal History: List of all completed deals by former entities, including a statement that none of those deals failed to return 100% of capital to investors.

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Current Open Deals by Other Entities: Statement that none are materially impaired, or identify any deals that are unlikely to return at least 100% of capital to investors.

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Information Statement: User attests that all information provided is true and complete, and agreement to provide manager statement to investors upon request.

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Continued Track Record Verification: Manager agrees to submit, on an annual basis, additional deals that have gone full-cycle for verification after initial track record verification.

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The Value of Verified

Verification is the baseline for doing business. It’s a badge of legitimacy that can help you close deals. Don’t pitch without it. It’s the first step to building trust with investors.