Don’t say “trust me”. Prove it.

Investors are wary of scams and ‘just trust me’ doesn’t cut it. You need an independent, third party to check your claims and verify your track record. It’s like a CarFax report for real estate investment, giving investors confidence and helping you close deals.

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Check backgrounds and history, plus signing a code of conduct: It’s the bare minimum to prove you’re not a crook.

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Verify key elements of your reported track record and double check your claims to prove you’re legit. No boasting or exaggeration allowed.

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Monitor ongoing deals based on third-party fund administration review, to make sure you’re staying on track.


We’re an independent, neutral third-party committed to building trust in the commercial real estate investment market. Membership to the Verivest Network is limited to managers that commit to background and track-record transparency. Access to the Verivest Network lets investors find managers they can believe in.

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Verification confirms history. We’re taking background checks, looking for red flags like bankruptcies and lawsuits, as well proven historical track-record performance. It’s the baseline for doing business.

Monitored confirms now. We follow active deals, review expenses and ensure compliance of operating agreements. We provide third-party review of ongoing deals.

Together you’ve got transparency that will close deals.

Additional Services

More than just verification and monitoring

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Fund Administration

You do the deals, we’ll do the details. We let you focus on what you do best.

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Investor Management Platform

From onboarding new investors, signing and submitting documents, all with one easy platform.