Investing with confidence

When you demand transparency and accountability from managers it’s a lot easier to trust and invest. Always look for managers with backgrounds and historical track-records verified through Verivest. That should be the gold standard for investing.

investing with confidence

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Find managers

Our manager network makes it easy to find managers that have passed background checks and verified historical track-records to Verivest’s exacting standards.


Ready to invest

Now you can invest with more confidence knowing you’re working with verified managers and track records. Once you invest, our ongoing monitoring service tracks deal logistics and manager activity for managers who subscribe to those services.

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Build trust

With that baseline established, now get to know a manager. Go deeper with manager profiles and videos so you know who you’re dealing with.

Say hello to accountability


Verification confirms history. We’re taking background checks, looking for red flags like bankruptcies and lawsuits, as well proven historical track-record performance. It’s the baseline for doing business.


Monitored confirms now. We follow active deals, review expenses and ensure compliance of operating agreements for sponsors who subscribe to those services.

Together you’ve got transparency that inspires confidence.

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