Tracking Deals to Safeguard Your Investment

Third party fund accounting that ensures someone besides the sponsor is reviewing the books.

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Monitoring is an independent, third-party umpire calling ‘balls and strikes’ on investment deals.


Is money being allocated properly?

Investors need to know the money is going where it should be.


Are the rules of the operating agreement being followed?

An agreement is just a piece of paper, but monitoring means someone is watching to make sure things are operating the way they should.


Are expenses and reimbursements legitimate? 

The devil is in the details, and that’s where investors worry fraud can crop up.

The only way to know is to monitor.


What Does Monitored Mean?

’Monitored’ means we’re reviewing a deal on a quarterly and annual basis and generating a report. It’s the new standard in real estate investing. Here’s what we do for opportunities with the “Monitored” designation.

Please see our Terms of Service to learn more about what we do for the deals sponsors retain us to monitor.

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Bank account review: Preparation of period-end bank reconciliations. Bank statements along with supporting documents are reviewed and transactions are recorded in the books and records.

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Financial reporting: Maintaining books and records and producing period-end financial statements and related schedules. Where applicable, Verivest obtains financial statements of the underlying investment properties to facilitate the preparation of the fund level financial statements.

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Fee calculations: Calculation of management fees and carried interest in accordance with the governing documents.

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Distributions: Calculation of investor distribution allocations, including carried interest and the preparation of bank distribution files.

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Investor balance tracking: Maintaining investor capital balances and updating for applicable capital activity including investor subscriptions, capital calls, distributions and period allocations.


Investor reporting: Preparation of period-end investor capital account statements, and annual 1099-INT’s and K-1s.


The new standard

Monitoring is the new accountability standard of real estate investing. Don’t invest without it. Look for the ‘Monitored’ label to find sponsors you can more easily trust.