Due diligence and oversight done right.

Transparency and accountability, as deserved.

Working with sponsors who are Verivest Verified means investing in private real estate deals with a confidence never before available.

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All sponsors Verified by Verivest have:

  • No personal or business bankruptcy petitions for controlling principals of the sponsor in the past seven years.

  • No unfavorably resolved lawsuits involving allegations of fraud or similar misconduct made by investors.

  • No regulatory sanctions in the past seven years.

  • No felony criminal convictions in past seven years.

  • Signed the Verivest Code of Conduct.

This is just our baseline level of sponsor Verification. It should be yours too.

Research, without the guesswork.

Our independent and pre-completed sponsor due diligence helps you focus on people who are willing and able to prove their credentials. No guessing.

Search and filter based on your real estate investment criteria

Find verified sponsors who operate in your targeted geography, strategy, property type, and risk profile to build your portfolio with greater confidence.

Discover and evaluate deals more efficiently.

Focus first on the people, and only then search real estate deals that meet your objectives. First the who, then the deal.

Is their track record real or fantasy?

All sponsors make track record claims – but can they prove them?

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What Real Verification Looks Like

As an individual investor, it is almost impossible to verify the information being provided by sponsors. We do it for you.

Background Check

A background check should be table stakes for investors, but it is rarely demanded by investors. For us, it is mandatory and only the starting point for a sponsor to become a member of the Verivest Sponsor Network.

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Managed Capital

Our experience is that many sponsors’ claims of how much investor capital they are currently managing is vastly inflated. We confirm the true amount of investor capital contributed to investment partnerships, funds, or syndications managed by any given sponsor. You deserve to know whether a sponsor’s figures can be corroborated.

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Asset Existence

We can tell you horror stories of sponsors fabricating the very existence of assets they claim they’ve acquired or are currently managing. We verify through public records and other means that verified sponsors actually owned what they say they owned. How else do you really know?

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A smarter way to choose your partners.

You’ve worked hard to earn your money and create your wealth. Why work with private sponsors whose claims and real estate track records have not been verified and proven? Now, you don’t have to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of the sponsors listed on the directory Verivest Verified?

No. There are many sponsors listed whose profiles are either unclaimed or claimed but not verified. Only the profiles that have the purple or gold Verivest icon are verified.

What is an “unclaimed” sponsor?

An unclaimed sponsor is a sponsor that we have either identified or become aware of that we believe is in the business of providing real estate-oriented investments to individual investors. We have done enough research to understand who their principals are, what type of investments they focus on, and other public information that is readily available. We have created a tile for them on our site, but they have not yet “claimed” their place in the Directory and we have not verified any of their marketing materials, track record claims, or other information.

What does a sponsor need to do to be Verivest Verified?

The sponsor needs to apply to become verified and pay the fees to have Verivest run a background check on all principals who own 20% or more of the operating company or own any percentage and are involved in the day-to-day management of the company. All principals must pass that background check to our minimum standards to become verified. All principals must also sign a pledge to abide by our Code of Conduct. To maintain Verivest Verified status, sponsor principals must submit to and pass an annual background check and annually recommit to the Code of Conduct, and the sponsor must continue paying the membership fee. Verified status is the minimum standard that a sponsor must meet to be an official member of the directory. There are many additional, more comprehensive steps sponsors can take to strengthen their profiles and provide greater transparency. We believe there is a benefit for investors to focus on sponsors who take the greatest possible steps to prove their claims, provide voluntary accountability, and demonstrate the highest standards of good governance possible.

Is being Verivest Verified the same as being Monitored? If not, what is the difference?

No. Monitoring is a significant additional layer of good governance in which sponsors may choose to participate. Monitoring involves sponsors providing ongoing evidence to Verivest of their adherence to the terms of their investments’ operating agreements and other controlling documents.

What does Verivest do to verify a sponsor’s track record?

To validate a sponsor’s track record, Verivest reviews information provided by the sponsor about the dates and amounts of investment capital it has received, the dates and amounts of distributions to investors, and the sponsor’s computed figures for IRR and equity multiples. Verivest independently calculates return information and identifies and discusses any discrepancies with the sponsor. Verivest also reviews tax returns and general ledger information to confirm the total amounts of capital contributions and distributions reported by a sponsor. In some cases, including where the sponsor has not yet filed tax returns for a full cycle deal, or where it appears a sponsor may be attempting to manipulate IRR information, Verivest will use bank statements to reconcile general ledger information.

What does it mean to me as an investor that a sponsor is Verivest Verified?

Verivest does not (and cannot) recommend any specific sponsors or deals. Nor does it guaranty the accuracy of a sponsor’s information. All private investments include risks, including the risk of losing all or part of your investment. Being verified means only that Verivest has done the sponsor-level due diligence described on this site. You still need to evaluate each sponsor and deal before making an investment. We encourage all investors to consult with qualified legal and financial advisors before making any investment.

What other services does Verivest provide that helps me increase my chances of dealing with honest and competent sponsors?

Verivest provides a multitude of related services all designed to enable sponsors to have an independent third party watching, monitoring, verifying, and communicating those sponsors’ actions, behaviors, and actual performance to investors. We believe this provides significant additional confidence for investors that sponsors are less likely to be tempted by questionable practices when confronting difficult circumstances and thus decreasing the chances of getting ripped off. These services include track record corroboration, verification of existence of assets, ongoing monitoring of individual deal entities for compliance with operating agreements, investor assists and onboarding, investor servicing including waterfall calculations and distributions, fund and syndication administration, financial statement preparation and distribution, investor portal technology, partnership tax return and K-1 preparation, and more.

Is Verivest a crowdfunding site?

No. Verivest does not promote any specific sponsor or deal, does not pass judgment on any offering or the suitability of any offering for any specific investors, and does not charge any fees to either investors or sponsors related to an investor’s participation in any offering or transaction. Verivest has a Directory of sponsor profiles that investors can review, sort, compare, and contrast, but this Directory is focused on sponsors and companies, not on transactions.

Can sponsors list their deals on Verivest?

Approved sponsors who are at minimum Verivest Verified may indicate that they have open offerings in a specific section of their sponsor Profile. However, Verivest does not promote or recommend any offering or transaction. Investors will need to search in a specific sponsor’s profile to locate open offerings. Verivest also does not provide any legal advice about securities laws or regulatory issues that might impact a sponsor’s ability to indicate the existence of an open offering on the site or your ability to invest in it. Both sponsors and investors should hire their own professional advisors with respect to all legal and financial issues, including securities issues, that might affect any transaction.

Does Verivest charge fees when I find and invest with a sponsor?

No. We do not charge any fees, either a percentage of capital raised or flat fees, associated with any investments made. Zero. Instead, sponsors pay Verivest fixed fees for its listing and verification services. This may create a conflict of interest, since we could have an incentive to overlook issues that fee-paying sponsors might have, but our policy is to provide our unvarnished findings. We take the long view, and will not allow our efforts to build credibility and demonstrate integrity to be diminished by undue influence from a sponsor.

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