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Verivest is a leading real estate fund administrator, managing $3.2BN of investments. We provide technology and back office services that streamline fund operations and improve transparency.
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All of your deals in one place.

When you invest with Verivest fund managers, you gain access to a powerful portal to manage all of your investments. Receive statements, reports, and tax documents all in one place.

Statements & Tax

Statements and K1s in one location for all of your investments with Verivest administered fund managers.

Unified Investment Portfolio

All of the investments you’ve made via Verivest administered funds are accessible from a single portfolio view.

Never lose an agreement

Professional deal documents and electronic signing for all of your investments in one place.

Payment & Distributions

Check your entitlements, update your distribution preferences and payment information online.

Verivest Verified managers.

Verivest Verified badged managers are committed to transparency undergo voluntary background checks. Those displaying this badge have had no unfavorable lawsuits involving investor fraud or misconduct, nor felony convictions for the past 7 years. They also sign a code of conduct that commits them to acting with integrity. 
Funding Commitments

You're in good company.

We've administered 500+ real estate funds, and support hundreds of managers and syndicators.
"Verivest has been great strategic partner by offering a platform for investors to quickly evaluate our fund, manage onboarding, and handle back office accounting."
Brock Vandenberg
President at Talimar Financial
"What a great service you provide for operators and investors! Thankful to be a partner with Verivest!"
Heather Dreves
Director of Funding at Secured Investment Corp
"A network that is 100% devoted to investors, sponsors, and fund managers. They are doing some really good things here."
Ken Gee
Founder & President at KRI Partners
“We have worked with Verivest since 2013 and have substantially scaled our business over the years with the help of their expert fund administration team."
Mike Zlotnik
CEO at TF Management
"One of the most exciting things here at Smartland is the Verivest Verified gold standard. We believe transparency is important."
Sumit Kovoor
Vice President Investor Relations at Smartland
"Since 2016, Verivest has been a partner of ours. They produce the highest-caliber work, pay the most attention to detail, and charge reasonable rates."
Jon Bourbeau
CEO, Pacer Partners

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Frequently asked questions:

How do I access my investments on I previously logged into the manager's homepage.
Log in using the button on the top right of this screen. You should see all of your current investments with Verivest administered funds.

If you're still having trouble, contact our Investor Relations team at
How can I invest with a fund manager administered by Verivest?
Each Investment Manager has their own individual profile page and investor portal. If you would like to review the open opportunities from a manager that you know or have made prior investments with, reach out to them directly or use their unique profile link.

If you're still having trouble, contact our Investor Relations team at
How do I find new managers to invest with?
We do not provide the ability to browse opportunities with our administration clients. If you’re looking for a specific profile for a manager you know to be one of our clients, contact our support team for assistance.
If I need assistance with my account or need to make changes to my account, who do I reach out to?
Verivest’s Help Center will help you navigate your account and make changes on your own. You can access these resources at 

If you are not able to find your answer or want additional assistance, you can use the chat function at the bottom right of the Verivest website to reach out to our Support Team. 

If your question is related to an investment opportunity you are invested in, you will still be able to reach out directly to the Investment Manager.